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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dream Weaver - The Multifoods Tower

The colorful tapestries in the Multifoods Tower break up the otherwise austere entry to 33 South Sixth Street. The building is managed by Brookfield Properties, who own the four wall hangings. The New York firm Iu + Bibliwicz Architects commissioned the work as part of the redo of the lobby and elevator areas of the building, which succeeded at making the street level entrance more accessible and modern.

The tapestries themselves are custom made by a company called Sam Kasten Handweaver. Their projects are all handwoven (hence the name) and this one is 'CW Cotton and Linen' per the company. The fact that these are textiles and not paintings give them great texture and motion. The yellow ones live in the entryway and the tan works are on the other side of the elevator bank leading into the center of the building. 

The security guard in the lobby told me he liked the tapestries but wished there was something else to go along with them. The granite walls and floors are amazing, as is the curved aluminum leaf ceiling. But maybe he has a point...

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  1. Like green plants?

    Nice find. I am rethinking the minimalist interiors and exteriors of downtown, but in the meantime find glimpses here and there that are surprising.

    Tapestries do have the advantage of not photographing well, but stimulating the sense of touch and physical presence. Even more reason to trek over to this site and sense things for oneself.