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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

John Maday - Rivergate's finest recommends the Soo Line Building and Hotel Minneapolis

John Maday, intrepid assistant manager of the Rivergate Apartments, and longtime Minneapolis resident, has some favorite downtown spots of beauty. His picks are (drum roll please):

The Soo Line Building
Built in 1914-15 in the Renaissance Revival style, it once housed the Soo Line Railroad. This clock was affixed on the outside of the building in 2006 to remind us of it's impressive beginnings.

The facade is brick, terra cotta and this gorgeous granite, and some have been lured in by its beaux arts beauty, while others have found the bowels of the structure compelling (this has some strong language).
The staircase, elevators and ceiling reveal the Soo Line's former glory. Talk of a hotel renovation in 2007 came to nothing, but the building has maintained it's structural integrity and visitors can enjoy all the old details.

John's number two pick?

The Hotel Minneapolis aka the Midland Building

Built in 1905-6, it was formerly the Security Bank Building. The original architects were Franklin and Louis Long, who designed many Richardson Romanesque structures in downtown Minneapolis. Opening in 2008, the Hotel Minneapolis renovations preserved the original Carrera marble as seen above in the lobby.

Even the bank vaults were included in the decor to great effect. Everything has been redone with great care and the mix of modern and old features is seamless. Visit the hotel or restaurant Max to see the light fixtures, decor and have a bit of fun. More pics are at my Facebook page, but the details look best in person. Thanks John - awesome choices!

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  1. Very cool, and who is this John Maday character? He's sounds like he really knows the city!