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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Art Smorgasbord - The Capella Tower

There is so much art in the Capella Tower that it would take a few hours to check out all the items that grace their lobby and skyway. I've only highlighted a few things here as I'm hoping to inspire you to go downtown to see all of the sculpture, paintings and mixed media that are on display. The blown glass pieces throughout the skyway lobby are by Dale Chihuly 1985-87. The set are called his Macchia Forms. 

This amazing sculpture sits at the entrance of the south Skyway in the Park Building. Called Disguise the Limit, it was done by noted sculptor John Chamberlain in 1991. It's made of painted and chromium plated steel as the artist likes to use old auto parts in his pieces.

The Capella Tower has a nice sitting area at the skyway level and offers free wifi. The concierges are friendly and you get a great view of the suspended glass sculpture Fresnel Wing - 1993 by James Carpenter, that was commissioned for the space. My picture does not do it justice. Go see it immediately! 

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