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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lunch at the US Bankcorp Building equals DQ, Asian Max and Curvilinear #1 & #2

The US Bancorp Center has a secret hidden within its mini food court just behind the dramatic front parlor -- and no I'm not referring to the DQ/Orange Julius combo. Say hello to your new friends, Curvilinear #1 and #2. Painted by Deanna Sirlin, these colorful works are both oil on 24 panels such that each panel functions on its own, but also as part of the whole. The squares are at differing widths coming off the wall, making the piece have texture on the viewing plane. Sirlin would like the observer to feel enveloped by the art.

Curvilinear #1 is at the north end of the hallway. The art is hung in such a way that it is not far from the skyway denizens, who whiz by in search of hot black coffee or a noon bento box. The movement of the curved lines and flowing colors mirrors the motion of the commuters charging through the space.

Curvilinear #2 is to the left, with a small brown door between the two.

What a pleasant surprise to find across from the D. Brians. This time, I'll sign off and let the visuals speak for themselves (Links: Deanna Sirlin, US Bancorp Building, more pics, The Art Section).

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  1. Nice piece Marsha. How do you like Asian Max? The owner is a good story.
    I missed this art. Will seek it out now.